holaa! my name is catharina, 17, norway. i love books, movies, videogames and everything that's not real.

My life is unrecognizable compared to what it was - ‘Game of Thrones’ has opened doors that were never there before. But it can be dangerous to see it in those terms, I think. It’s best to take it as it comes and work as hard as you can, and hopefully the other things fall into place.


Movies Watched in 2014 | Catching Fire

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the 75th year of the Hunger Games. It was written in the charter of the games that every twenty-five years there will be a Quarter Quell. Now, on this the 75th anniversary of our defeat of the rebellion we celebrate the third Quarter Quell. As a reminder, that even the strongest cannot overcome the power of the Capitol. On this, the third Quarter Quell game, the male and female tributes are to be reaped from the existing pool of Victors in each district.”

When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.

i swear i get uglier everyday

Maisie Williams for Modds Magazine April 2014 [x]


The flames of war are upon you !

Yeah, but everyone’s crazy. Everyone has to struggle and fight, they just haven’t realized it yet.

I am Divergent, and I can’t be controlled.

"So in my mind I thought this was gonna be like, my ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ moment. And like, confetti was gonna come out and everyone’s like, going to scream and sort of like, 'We're gonna sell things!'. So I really went for it and there was just… silence. Like, nothing really happened.

Edward Kenway by Vincent Gaigneux || Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

Scarlett Johansson in Lucy trailer. [x]